October 2012


Ellsworth Kelly has created a new lithograph exclusively for the Cahiers d’Art revue.


Two Ellsworth Kelly exhibitions were on show at Cahiers d’Art in Paris from October, 2012 to January, 2013.

These exhibitions of Kelly’s work and artifacts from his personal collection were the first to be held at Cahiers d’Art’s refurbished premises at 14 and 15 rue du Dragon. Opening on 18 October 2012 to celebrate the re-launch of the Cahiers d’Art revue, the exhibition at 14 rue du Dragon showed numerous Kelly paintings alongside highlights from his collection of prehistoric birdstones and copper shields. At 15 rue du Dragon was an exhibition of Kelly prints, produced by the renowned artists’ workshop Gemini G.E.L. in Los Angeles.

Exhibition Space Opens

A new exhibition space for exclusive Cahiers d’Art limited edition prints and editions has now opened in Paris.

Our recently acquired exhibition space at 15 rue du Dragon, just opposite the historical home of Cahiers d’Art at 14 rue du Dragon, displays and sells limited edition prints and editions by the most important artists of our time. The inaugural exhibition was by Ellsworth Kelly, the focus of issue no. 1 of the Cahiers d’Art revue.