Inge Mahn - Sculptures from 1976 to 2015

With sculptures from 1976 to 2015, the exhibition follows the publication of Inge Mahn work and a text by Robert Fleck in the Cahiers d'Art N°1-2, 2013.

Martin Kippenberger - Sculptures from 1987 to 1990

This is the first exhibition of Martin Kippenberger in Cahiers d'Art, composed of 10 works from 1987 to 1990.

Monika Sosnowska

Last Day of Exhibition: Wed, September 30th, 2015

Cahiers d’Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the work of Monika Sosnowska. Focusing on paper models the artist has created since 2008 as well as models produced during a three- month residency at the Atelier Calder in Saché.

The exhibition follows the publication of a special portfolio of Sosnowska’s models in the revue Cahiers d’Art N°1, 2015 Calder in France.